Dot Com Secrets X Review

Dot Com Secrets X Review

So I have a friend, who wants to remain nameless, and he emails me asking if he could do a review for a product he bought called Dot Com Secrets X. As always I am open to hearing reviews from other people and after reading his review and having a look at the product myself I must say I couldn’t agree more with Greg’s review (Woops sorry Greg lol).

I was looking up information about conspiracy theories, and I happened upon the Dot Come Secrets X; the “X” got my attention and kept on reading. To be honest, I was mostly curious about the program, especially since it was only $1. I had wasted more at the casino a few weeks ago. As a gambling man, I knew I would get some kind of payout, even if it was just something to read.

I had always heard of people making big bucks on the Internet with websites that did not sell a product or offer a service. I figured that if I even learned something about doing that, my $1 was well spent. The best part for me was that the $1 was refundable if I was not satisfied. I knew I would at least break even.

So, I listened. I read. I watched. I tried it out, by starting a website doing exactly what the training program said to do. I followed the steps and to my amazement, after a few weeks I did actually start making money.

Already Having a Job Does Not Matter

I already had a good job, so I didn’t really need any extra money. But, I did like having extra money. Who doesn’t these days? Once I started making some, I wanted to make more. It did not take much work to get my first website going; so, I figured I could earn more and more with a very small amount of work.

Who knew the Internet was such a lucrative investment for a person like me? I never thought I would be able to make a penny on the Internet, because I was not a big corporation or an inventor or anything that seemed worth anything. But, that is not how the Dot Com Secrets X makes money.

Dot Com Secrets X, How to Make Money

The best way to make money with the Dot Com Secrets X is through connections and affiliates. I had no idea what that meant, but once I learned about it, I added it to my first website and more money started to roll in. I sure did not complain.

I did laugh a little when the program claimed to have a marketing “Illuminati” – I’ve never been in a secret society before; I guess there is a time for everything! My favorite part was the Google

information, because I always wondered how they decided who went where on the search engine. Now, with the information from Dot Com Secrets X from Success Etc., I know Google works and that knowledge helped me make more money! I even signed up to be an affiliate with Success Etc. That is how much I believe in the program.

I did not set out to make money on the Internet, but after stumbling across Dot Com Secrets X, I figured it couldn’t hurt to learn a little something about using the Internet to make money. I feel like an accidental entrepreneur, because now I make enough money to buy a vacation home and a few extra cars. I do not have to worry about sending my children to school and my wife loves the fact that we do not have to pinch pennies anymore.