Home Made Energy Review

Home Made Energy

Home Made Energy helped me save so much money. I live in Michigan, where we have cold winters, cool springs, hot summers, and temperate falls. The only time I ever got a break from my electric bills was in May and October, when I did not have to run my air conditioning, furnace, or swimming pool. Let’s say my electric bill in May was $60, in June it jumped to $120! It was even higher in the winter – well over $150 per month.

The Good News

When I heard about Home Made Energy, I thought I would have to buy a wood burning furnace or a flux capacitor or some other product that would allow me to stop getting huge electric bills. That was not the case.

Easy to Implement

I loved that the Home Made Energy program was so easy to implement. I use a lot of electricity every month, so this program was affordable for me. I did have to watch the videos a few times, because I am not very good with the whole Do It Yourself thing. My wife thought I was crazy to try this out, but I had to do it. It felt like the Home Made Energy program was designed just for me.

I asked my two brothers to come over and help me put everything together because I knew I would make a mistake if I tried it on my own. My brothers and I actually got the solar panels together correctly the first time! It did help that one of my brothers is a contractor and is pretty good with a hammer and nails.

We got the panels installed and then I waited. My wife was certain to not slow down the energy use; we still keep the refrigerator running and the computers on all day. I was hopeful, but she was cynical. This was the first time I was actually hoping the electric bill would show up quickly. I know who does that?

Home Made Energy, The Bill

Finally, the bill arrived. I could not believe it, the bill was almost 50% smaller than the previous month! The only thing we did was follow the instructions from Ben Ford, the creator of this wonderful product. His advice was true and accurate. I do not know why everyone in the United States does not follow these simple instructions and make their own energy from the sun.

I told my wife and she could not believe it either. She thought it was a joke; that I had someone make up a fake electric bill, just so I

could prove her wrong. I promised her that I did not and that the bill was real.

I called my brothers and told them, too. My contractor brother said that he made one all by himself the week before and my other brother asked if we could come over to make panels for his house.

We are sold on the Home Made Energy and we love being able to save our money and not give it to the greedy electric company. Thank you, Ben Ford!